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Food & Beverage

The majority of Wolfe Industrial's business has been in servicing some of the largest food and beverage manufacturing industries including meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, baked goods, snack foods, candy and dairy.

We routinely fabricate and install sanitary process equipment and systems for material handling systems. For example, our specialty conveyors have been used to transfer food products to and from forming machines, breading machines, fryers, proofers, freezers, ovens and packaging equipment.

Wolfe Industrial’s experienced air handling specialists can design and install efficient air handling systems to collect fumes or dust, exhaust heated process air, return make up air or transfer raw materials with a pneumatic conveying system.

Stainless process piping systems, stainless tubing for clean in place (CIP) systems, hydraulic piping, compressed air piping, water piping and plastic tubing are all available for your in-plant needs.

Stainless steel safety guards, enclosures, barriers, stairs, crossover stairs and work or service platforms are just a few of the safety solutions that Wolfe Industrial has fabricated and installed for the sanitary environments in food and beverage manufacturing facilities.
Sample Equipment Solutions

stainless steel process conveyors • wire belt conveyors • plastic belt conveyors • wye conveyors • screw conveyors • specialty conveyors • bins & carts • process piping • clean in place or CIP systems • hot water piping • hydraulic piping • compressed air piping • mixing tanks • freezer repairs • fryer repairs • stainless steel mezzanines • stainless steel platforms • stainless steel crossovers • process equipment installation • dust & fume collection • make up air systems • pneumatic transport systems • safety guards • safety enclosures • safety barriers • stairs • crossovers • work or service platforms • custom fabrication • installation • maintenance

Client Feedback

"Whether it is a project of over $1,000,000 or an emergency maintenance issue, Wolfe Industrial’s commitment and response is always the same -- with dependability, ingenuity and quality craftsmanship."

Operations Manager
Food Production Facility