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Wolfe Industrial has provided custom metal fabrication, equipment installation, repair and maintenance services for manufacturers across the USA.  Since 1979 we have built a strong reputation for superior workmanship and quality service.  Our highly trained craftsmen take pride in fabricating and installing all types of equipment.


As a custom metal fabricator, Wolfe Industrial fabricates all types of process equipment and components. We can start with your design or develop a custom design to meet your specific needs. We can also assist with modifications to your existing equipment. We specialize in stainless steel and heavy plate construction and maintain a large inventory for your “RUSH PROJECTS”.


The majority of our business is devoted to custom sanitary stainless steel fabrication. We cover a wide range of applications from conveyors for a meat processing facility, ingredient hoppers for a bakery to sanitary piping for clean-in-place (CIP) systems. We design our equipment to adhere to the latest sanitary standards.


Wolfe Industrial provides our customers with a wide range of custom equipment and systems.  We can provide a design or help you with your design.  We have designed and fabricated many different types of systems including specialty liquid transfer, custom conveyors, material handling, dust & fume collection, exhaust, air make-up, pneumatic conveying and vacuum systems.  

All equipment and systems are designed using the latest version of AutoCAD. We also use Inventor software for 3D drawings and automated simulations.

Our crews install a wide range of equipment in numerous industrial manufacturing environments.  Whether we are installing or relocating equipment within your existing facility or bringing in equipment from another facility, Wolfe Industrial can handle it. With proper planning and confirmed scheduling, Wolfe Industrial’s team members are always prepared to handle your toughest installation and relocation projects.


Wolfe Industrial can repair, rebuild or modify all types of process equipment.  Whether it is a minor repair, a much-needed modification or a complete redesign, Wolfe is ready to get started.

In addition to process equipment, we also repair or modify components like, rollers, brackets, shafts and blowers.


Have you ever needed additional short-term maintenance help but did not have time to vet qualified temporary candidates?  

Call Wolfe Industrial and experience all the benefits of skilled, qualified labor without the headaches, overhead and hassles associated with conventional hiring cycles.  We handle the HR roles including all interviews, testing, hiring, drug screening, safety training, supervision, reviews and separations. Allow Wolfe Industrial to supply skilled mechanical support personnel to augment your maintenance staff.

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