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Metal & Wire

At Wolfe, we understand that the metal and wire industries are high volume continuous production, industries that require long service life equipment. Our experienced team members are aware of this and carefully fabricate and install systems and equipment that are built to meet these rigorous demands.

Challenges for these industries can include fume control, lubricant collection, scale dust collection, high temperature exhaust collection systems, and corrosion management. Wolfe understands this and will combine our experience with yours to create innovative solutions for your biggest challenges.

We have helped our clients with curing processes, industrial oven rebuilds, process piping, cooling, ventilation, dust collection and chemical reclamation solutions.

If your company pours, casts, cuts, forms, stamps, welds, or fabricates metal, we can help. If you draw rod or wire, coat or galvanize your product, we can help. We’ve been working in the metal and the wire industry for over 40 years. Trust us to provide the specific solution for your plant’s needs.
Sample Equipment Solutions

scale dust collection systems • lubricant dust collection systems • welding exhaust collection systems • ventilation systems • mist collection systems • fume collection systems • make up air systems • oven rebuilds • dip tanks • enamel tanks • pneumatic conveying systems • process piping • gas piping • chiller piping • hoods and ductwork • safety guards • safety enclosures • mezzanines • stairs • handrails • catwalks • work platforms • custom fabrication • installation • maintenance

Client Feedback

"I am impressed with the integrity, service and quality that they continually deliver. We have contracted with Wolfe on a variety of small jobs and large expansion projects, and regardless of the project size their level of service is always excellent."

Purchasing Manager,
Wire Industry